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Welcome to Liquidity Card Solution

Liquid Gold Trust was established in 1999. We are proud to have accumulated a large number of satisfied clients, comprising of Liquidity Card Solution partners, major corporations as well as small businesses. Our products vary from Loyalty Cards, Payroll and Pre-Paid Cards as well as Software Solutions, with alliances to the Loyalty and Banking Sectors. We have solutions to meet the unique needs of businesses and offer a variety of payment options to scale with specific business needs.

Liquidity Card Solution identified the need for a card solution in the rapidly expanding international Automated Digital Transactional Arena.

The majority of our staff and management team have been employed by us for over 15 years. Our management team has extensive experience in all relevant business processes.

Our Management team is led by our CEO Lance Jerrard who has held this position since 1999.

We have developed a Unique International Financial Multi-Million Dollar Digital Product, that allows us to generate an ongoing growing monthly Residual Income from an Automated Digital Process. We focus on One Major Need in the Financial World and we have No Competition in the Global Market.

Earning from an Automated Digital Process may seem far-fetched, but there are a large number of Companies that earn from an Automated Digital Process. Consider the fact that Banks and Credit Card Companies make money Every Time that a Transaction is Concluded or a Card is Swiped. Artists make money when their songs are played. Google makes money from our Search Clicks. All of these are earnings from an Automated Digital Process.

Please View Our Business Plan: Pdf and Video Formats Below