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  • When is the ROI?

    Based on our Projected Earnings our Return On Investment occurs in month 15. After which the monthly earning will increase rapidly. This makes it an excellent growing income opportunity.
  • Can I top-up? (Buy more portions)

    Yes, you may purchase additional Portions, providing that there are still Portions available. The maximum number of Portions that will ever be available to purchase is 8,400 and this number will never be exceeded. We are marketing the Portions in multiple countries; therefore we will finalize this process in a relatively short period of time.
  • As a Global Project Partner, do I receive a Liquidity Card?

    All Global Project Partners will be offered a Liquidity Card after 12 months into the project, and the card will not be subject to the monthly fee of $12.50.
  • Why do I only start earning from month 3?

    Due to normal administrative cut-off dates, there are no earnings in the Project Partner’s month of joining.   For the same reason, the 2nd months’ earnings reflect and are paid in month 3.
  • Can I refer people and will I get referral commission?

    It is only natural that satisfied Project Partners will talk to other people about their success. Yes, people can be referred but, NO, there is not a referral commission involved. It is definitely not a multi-level networking project.
  • Can I visit your office?

    Yes, you are welcome to visit our office.  Simply call or email us to make an appointment.   People arriving without an appointment can definitely not be entertained.
  • Can I sell my Portions?

    Yes, Clause 15 in the Agreement states that you may do so, but the Company and other Global Partners will have first option to purchase them from you.
  • Are my portions willable?

    Yes, Clause 15 in the Agreement states that they are willable to the person/s of your choice.
  • How do I receive my monthly payment?

    The earning payments will be paid into your bank account in the country in which you reside, or into a cryptocurrency wallet, or into the “ monthly fee exempt card “ after 12 months.
  • How are you going to market the card in South Africa?

    Our target market is not in South Africa.& nbsp; We are targeting the countries where there is a very high interest and participation in the Cryptocurrency Environment.
  • If I purchase portions and I already have Bitcoin and other Cryptocurrencies, can I get a card?

    As a Global Project Partner you will be offered a Liquidity Card after 12 months into the project, and the card will not be subject to the monthly fee of $12.50
  • Should I emigrate , will I still be able to access my earnings?

    Absolutely, yes. Your earnings will be paid into your bank account in the country in which you reside or into a cryptocurrency wallet, or into the “monthly fee exempt Card” which you will receive after 12 months into the project.
  • How old do I have to be to purchase this opportunity?

    We require that a Global Project Partner be over 21 years of age. Parents and or legal guardians may purchase Portions on behalf of minors
  • How do I know that this company exists?

    Our Parent Company Liquid Gold Trust (IT/7050/99) formed in 1999
  • How do I verify your company details?

    LIQUIDITY GLOBAL CARD SOLUTION (PTY) LTD 1st Floor, Block B, Metropolitan Park, 8a Hillside Road, Parktown, 2196, South Africa Company Registration 2019/456058/07 Taxpayer Reference 9092922245 being a wholly owned subsidiary of Liquid Gold Trust IT/7050/99 Duly Registered and Incorporated in terms of the Companies and Intellectual Commission LIQUIDITY CARD SOLUTION LLC Filing ID 2019-000876899 EIN: 38-4128925 1910 THOMES AVENUE CHEYENNE, WY 82001 Please see the last Sic Pages of the Business Plan PDF for Company Docs
  • Why are there only 8400 portions?

    Due to the fact, and as per our Agreement, we have guaranteed the Project Partners a handsome share of the $5 per month derived from the Card Holder & rsquos fee. Any number over 8400 Portions, will result in your monthly residual income becoming less rewarding.
  • Why is each Project Partner allowed to only purchase a maximum of 10 Portions?

    Due to the age-old aphorisms & ldquo, the rich get richer and the poor get poorer and money makes money& rdquo, we have set this ruling in order to give more individuals an opportunity to partake in a $multi-million venture and preventing only a few individuals buying huge numbers of Portions.
  • How many people will make use of this card?

    Please note that in our Projections Chart we are projecting to have 1,000,000 issued cards by the end of 24 months and 8,000,000 by the end of 36 months.
  • Do you have competition in this market?

    As of today, we do not have any competition. However, due to the huge benefit and need for our product, we believe that in the foreseeable future, as is the case of any sort after product, we will have competition. The market, however, is vast enough to accommodate competition.
  • Is the income I earn already taxed when I am paid?

    There will be no tax deductions as each Project Partner will be responsible for paying over taxes to the authorities in the countries in which they reside. Earnings can also be paid into your “monthly fee exempt card” after 12 months.